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05-Aug-2020 13:48

Chrissy Teigen has perhaps the most interaction with her fans on social media of any celebrity out there, and she doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is on Twitter. I dunno anyone that doesn’t wanna take care of their kids.

Teigen is often off the cuff, and then sometimes she invites questions from fans. I thought when I married John he would have to tell me. is reporting that Chrissy Teigen has something to say about celebrity arranged relationships and whether they are for real.

From the juicy to the practical, Chrissy Teigen tells all. For example, does Oprah say ‘Hi, I’m Oprah’ to Anna Kendrick?

The chit chat went on for several days, so feel free to check in on Twitter.

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The place Rita dragged you is an underground sweatbox packed wall-to-wall with gorgeous women wearing tiny dresses and huge makeup. But then you see why the hottie-bees are swarming in this club, in this city, at this hour. Is it possible that the preeminent film star of his generation is smoking an e-cigarette? You hold an umbrella over Rita's newly brightened hair, and she rather sweetly takes your arm and leans in against the weather.What you know is this: the seeds of the evening didn't seem to contain these kinds of possibilities.Seven hours ago, it was just you, two pals, and a rooftop cocktail at sunset in New York City. You can't smoke in nightclubs in New York unless you're Leonardo Di Caprio, in which case you can do what you want. Seven months later, you're walking together along a deserted Portobello Road in London, and it's raining.At the centre of the hive is Leonardo Di Caprio, wearing a baseball cap low and surveying the pulsing tableau. Anyway, it's too late, he's started a revolution. She's wearing an extraordinary outfit: an acid-yellow raincoat, Kiss ice-hockey shirt, red leather trousers and red Nike trainers.