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27-Apr-2020 07:15

The numbered boxes need to have a hover status that turns their background color orange and their number white. Here's a reduced example containing a couple of rooms from your image.

I'd like to know if its possible to achieve this without having to resort to flash. You should be able to extend it by copy and pasting then adding new rooms into the markup, and changing their shape and position by giving new ID-based This looks like its exactly what I need.

If my room is on the exec floor, I would love to go to the lounge for a drink. The phone started counting time once it was picke up. Nevertheless, the female staff didn't actually answer my question. With no better option, I went back to the room and called the staff.

This follows a statement by Tourism Minister Chumphol Silapa-archa, who was today reported in the Nation newspaper in Bangkok as saying the incident at the end of July could not be considered rape.

I decided to go for a more girly theme than before, I have no idea why but I had painted her Nursery grey and it made the room feel and look smaller which was a big mistake.

So I opted for lighter colours and fell in love with the shabby chic theme.

Depicted below is a floor plan which is displayed in a regular html file.

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It is just 1 big image which should have the numbered element blocks pixel perfectly placed over it before a style can even be applied.

Description: SCP-2334 is an anomalous underground salt mine and photograph storage facility near Salt Lake City, Utah, with a single known entrance located at coordinates N██°██'██.██" W███°██'██.██".