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Sure, the Inner Harbor and its surrounding neighborhoods are nice, but they're aren't my focus. Sunday's Sun Paper featured an article about the Exelon merger with Constellation Energy and their plans for Baltimore. Of course not so you were right to assume that I disagree with the choices Exelon appears to be making.

I will attempt to do both while at the same time throwing in my opinion.

When the Forge family purchased the scheduled ancient monument in November 1996 it was listed on the English Heritage ‘Buildings at Risk’ register.

The Forge family considered their ownership of the property to be a challenge to preserve the remains of the ruins for future generations to enjoy and also to encourage others to be aware of and appreciate its historical importance.Very early on, the magnitude of the challenge was realised.The family’s background in civil engineering was useful but they needed to seek guidance on the preservation of such ancient stonework and it was soon apparent that financial help would also be needed.Excavation for working space beside the wall provided the only opportunity to date, for below-ground archaeology.