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The college was established in September 1932 – the third oldest girls’ college in West Bengal.The institution is bound to provide the best possible environment with hostel facilities.Only eligible candidates will get admission in this college. Students will be liable for error regarding information submitted by them in the application form. At the time of verification, discrepancy if any may cause the cancellation of admission. • Admission Forms will be issued on and from • Students are advised to fill up Admission Forms accordingly and the college will not be responsible for any error or lapses committed by the students while filling up Admission Forms.Incomplete admission forms shall not be entertained.

Be it about her girl's night out, her friend’s wedding, her adventurous day at work or her foul-mouthed rant at the guy ogling at her.Ena Ghosh, Bijoy Singh Nahar, the then Labour Minister of West Bengal, Labanya Probha Dutta (Ex-MLA) and other noted figures, on August 16th, 1963. The founders aimed to facilitate the working girls who were then coming out for the first time to build a career. We hope to build up a harmonious and equitable society which upholds the inalienable human rights and dignity of all women.