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11-Jul-2020 00:09

This year, only 21 billionaires are on the list, worth a combined billion.This is down from the 2015 list which featured 23 African billionaires worth a combined .8 billion. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team roster will be announced later this year.

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Not so for the increasing number of ladies who write to strangers in prison.I have mixed feelings about being an American expat in Luanda, Angola.I realize that I lived in the city during a very transient time.Prisoners in the UK have no direct access to social media or the internet in general, and letters are still the preferred means of communication.

Alex Cavendish, Social Anthropologist and former prison inmate, says; “In theory, a percentage of all outgoing letters are randomly checked by the censor's department in each prison (usually 10%).

In addition to 18 players who have won Olympic and/or World Cup gold medals, there are 16 finalists who have played between 20 and 72 games for USA Basketball.