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19-Apr-2020 01:12

I bring my current experience as a counselor, my former experience in family and child development, and my personal family experiences with divorce, remarriage, and parenting, to each client.""As a counselor, I welcome any opportunity to facilitate both recovery from trauma and rediscovery of hope for my clients.

I am committed to supporting people of all ages in difficult seasons of transition, and am particularly passionate about guiding families through the disappointment and pain of divorce. My philosophy of counseling is profoundly shaped by my personal faith in Christ, but I always defer to the client to determine the role of spirituality.

I just can't seem to meet anyone in my age range- even for friendship!

I live in Williamsburg which is chock full of 20-something hipsters, so maybe it has to do with the area I am in.

And of course I can't even talk about my ex, even if the past nine years of my life was living and working with him!

Then there are the crazy games of when to text, email or call, when to answer immediately, when to act interested or disinterested and when to completely blow them off.

As a person who is by nature very direct and to the point, dating is a mystery trapped in a puzzle, tucked in a fireproof safe thrown down a mineshaft. But the most distressing behavior is the casual sex hook-up mating habits that dominate New York City, a city that I adore and call my home. I make no illusions to being anything but this, and I do not judge others with different lifestyles.

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Everyone seems to be married with kids, and never go out.

I just got engaged to Jason this week (who I met at your event), and wanted to let you know that your event worked for me! Marina, 22, Chelsea, NYC My friend Jen and I attended your singles party at Hudson Terrace last night.

This afternoon, we went on a double date with two of the gentlemen we met there! Paola, 33, Hoboken, NJ I had a great time at your Singles Boat Party. I made a lot of new friends and seeing someone exclusively. Bruce C, 44, Manhattan, NYC This is definitely better than online dating.

Joe, 34, Brooklyn, NY I actually met someone at your event in October and we're going to be engaged. Louisa, 27, Manhattan, NYC A friend and I recently used our tickets to attend an event of yours in the city. We were skeptical before attending, but we both met great guys at the event that we look forward to spending time with.

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"Everyone experiences difficult or emotional situations. Sometimes, it can be difficult to cope with changes that feel overwhelming.Those who are single are usually single for a reason! I spent my 20s travelling the world rather than planning a wedding and buying a baby stroller.I have lived overseas for years, and have returned recently to NY to stay for awhile.You may be facing a divorce, or an important decision in your parenting, work, or life transitions.