Epolicy orchestrator global updating

12-Sep-2020 00:14

Enterprise updating Mc Afee e PO¿s powerful updating technology gives administrators the visibility and flexibility they need to maintain complex enterprise systems.

Set on automatic, e PO can deliver updates across your entire network with the click of a button, while manual mode gives administrators maximum control.

It will also check for critical Microsof security patches, and pinpoint a virus source and take remedial action.

System Compliance Profiler for Microsoft security patches The System Compliance Profiler allows administrators to easily verify enterprise-wide system compliance, including the presence of Microsoft security patches.

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The agents use this list to install only updates that are needed. If there are requirements in your environment to test new packages before deploying them throughout the production environment, Mc Afee recommends using the Evaluation branch whenever checking in packages.

Once an agent is deployed to a system, the system can be managed by your Mc Afee e PO server.