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I was told that “straight” men do it for the money, out of their jobless situation. So, don’t be surprised if there are a lot of guys waiting outside. Many of them are actually waiting for someone to befriend them (or vice versa) and hopefully bring them inside. Take a taxi and say its name, the driver surely knows it. If there’s one gay bar you MUST go in Havana, this is it. But, don’t ever think everyone there can be bought. , I was followed four times by four different men who have gaydar more functional than mine. When I looked back, he was alone and smiled when our eyes locked. Most of them charge 3CUC, a hefty amount for Cuban standard. Though it’s mixed but mostly men with their girlfriends clinging on them. If they stare back at you, wait until they come to your highness. 😀 I don’t exactly remember where this place is but it’s in Vedado. To escape from the flesh trade, I told him I was staying at a hostel so there’s really no privacy. While not all of them are into such trade, few were contented to accompany you around. In Malecon, people from all walks of life congregate, especially in late afternoon ’till late evening. sits atop is the main thoroughfare of young partygoers. It never fails to amaze you, unless, of course, a rain threatens the late afternoon spectacle.he walked at the edge of the pavement, beyond the yellow and pink pillars of a colonnade, in the hot January sun, and he counted every step as he went.As he passed the Wonder Bar, going up Virtudes, he had reached 1,369. Layers of pastel-coloured paint on the once elegant three-storey colonnaded buildings have peeled away, and the stonework is slowly being eaten away by humidity.

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According to one, There’s this macho guy who left his girlfriend somewhere and followed me until the end of Calle Obispo. But, he was quick to say that he knew a place to rent for /hour! They will feel indebted to you if you treat them to bars or to restaurants they’ve never been to or they could never afford. Walk the seawall from the edge of Prado (Paseo de Marti) all the way to Hotel National. It’s kind of dark and a loud music blasts from a battery-powered stereo.If there's one book that best describes the decadence and depravity of pre-revolutionary Cuba, it's Graham Greene's Our Man In Havana.The hilarious story of Wormold, the vacuum-cleaner salesman-turned-double agent, is set amid Greene's favourite watering holes under the drunken influence of daiquiri cocktails.There's a tourist trail dedicated to Ernest Hemingway, and several bars cash in on his name, but to discover Greene's Havana you have to look for it yourself.

Armed with a copy of Greene's book, we set out on our own pub crawl.

The city is falling into decay and disrepair and many of the cars are from the 1950s.