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But, since I answered I'll give you some suggestions and earn my two points: Stone Verrick Cage Storm Best of luck with your story!In Russian, most surnames change depending on the gender of the person.A cool last name can let you explore your character's family history a little more easily.The list of last names below will help you come up with a last name that can make your creation whole, especially when paired with a good first name.

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Sebaste was the name a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from Greek σεβαστος (sebastos) venerable (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors).

As its fame grew, as a breed and family pet, the Doberman eventually rose to to be the second most popular breed in America in 1977....the need for German dog names!

If you have a German heritage, speak the language or maybe even have a German breed of dog, a great way to recognize that is by choosing a German name for your pet.

Some names can be simply fun words, while others might be traditional monikers.

Here are just a few suggestions for German dog names you might be interested in for your own dog: Fraulein: Meaning female, specifically a young woman, this name is perfect for a female puppy.Below is a table of Russian male names, listed in the alphabetical order.All male names can be used to form patronymics (for both men and women) with the help of special suffixes that are explained in a different lesson.The following list includes 90 first names for boys most widely used nowadays in Russia. Ask them in the Russian Questions and Answers — a place for students, teachers and native Russian speakers to discuss Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of the Russian language.