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My real name is Rayara, but I use Rizzy in my page.

I’m 23 years old, and I work with photography and design. 😀 Robin TGG When, where, why and how did you get involved in the world cosplay? Rizzy I’ve been cosplaying for approximately six years now.

I must make note that these young men who fought me on this are serial daters who merely go out for hopes of sex.

That’s it; so spending money on a good time out on the town isn’t the go-to move.

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No I haven’t gotten lucky, but I have been on a date (insert happy dance) and I have a few things to say: A date is not dutch! When I go out with platonic girlfriends, most times one person does not pick up the entire check for the table. Per a twitter beef this past week, this is not a popular opinion.

After several weeks, we took a look at the results.