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Don't be alarmed if the doctors of General Hospital suddenly disappear.

Since the debut of GH Now, we imagine they're running around trying to cure side aches in people who've been laughing too much.

Your fan @Edina Hotdish wants to know: "What's the best and worst thing about working with each other? de Vry: [Silence]Grahn: Why is that so damn hard for you to say? And I have worked with actors who can be very resistant to that.

"William de Vry: Nancy's constant need to protect me on the set.

Grahn also has had several roles on daytime dramas.

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TV Guide Magazine: You know damn well what they want you to say. Anyway, who's speaking right now — Nancy or Alexis? Grahn: It depends on your Vry: That's such a cop out! A few weeks back, he was in a scene with Jordan and the Army was about to take her out. Alexis is in love with Julian right Vry: I'm not sure how this stuff works. Grahn: Now he's trying to make up for refusing to say I'm a good kisser. TV Guide Magazine: On that topic, we have a comment from @Julexis4ever. I don't know Vry: It's been mentioned to me that I'm really into those scenes and that I make...noises. We're both very noisyde Vry: Nancy has the greatest fans — extremely opinionated and extremely loyal and they make a lot of money! They see her intellect when she's on camera, and on Twitter. I think when Julexis trends it proves that nobody gives a s--t about our ages. I have so many young people following me on Twitterde Vry: When I was young, I didn't want to watch kids my age on TV. I couldn't have gotten luckier than to be paired up with such a giving, honest person as Nancy. And she has given me carte blanche to enjoy this to whatever extent. "Grahn: Yes, how would you like your checks made out? stars William de Vry and Nancy Lee Grahn — better known as the über-popular Julexis — for a sprawling chat too big for one installment. Now, in part 2 of the interview, de Vry and Grahn answer Twitter questions from their devoted fan base, the Julexis Army. de Vry: Okay, then, the best thing about Nancy is [long, thoughtful pause]... Grahn: The best thing about Will is that he listens to me when I tell him what to do. Grahn: I'm not ever again going to talk about you being a good kisser! de Vry: Here's something I really respect about Nancy: She will never tell me to change one of my acting choices. Grahn: Nobody should do Vry: But some actors do and you don't. Grahn: Who does that to you at ] See, I protect him! Grahn: The thing about Will is that he comes very eager to play. " TV Guide Magazine: @cyncobb wants to know: "Is Julian the love of Alexis's life? That's Alexis being afraid to put her heart out there. TV Guide Magazine: Did this interview just turn existential? You want my character to be in love with yours, but you don't want yours to be in love with mine. Ask any actor on a soap opera if he is truly in love and — with the exception of maybe Dominic Zamprogna — he will go, "Yes...." Now, ask any woman and she will readily and happily say, "Yes, I am in love." Men think they're more sexy when they're available and less sexy when they're in love.