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12-May-2020 14:28

The art is the style you’d expect from a dating sim, complete with emotional squiggles whenever Taira gets uncomfortable.Overall the game is cute and sweet, and I’m excited to hear more about it.Kindness Coins was made for the Pulse-Pounding, Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam, an event where participants created dating simulation games over the course of a weekend.Traditionally, dating sims place the player in the role of a young person with the goal of attracting one or more romantic interests.After all, wanting to subvert an expectation only to discover that you actually can is one of the best parts of gaming. I also considered doing a game about plants, birds of paradise, cuttlefish, or peacock jumping spiders.A miniature Japanese-style dating sim sees you winning the heart of a shy Tyrannosaurus rex.We thought Hatoful Boyfriend — a dating simulation where the love interests are actually pigeons — was impressive, but that was before we found Jurassic Heart.

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It was created by Thailand-based games programmer Thongrop Rodsavas, who was apparently inspired by a game designing application called Tyrano Script (which, incidentally, was also used to make the game).For a small game jam project, Jurassic Heart has absolutely taken off, inspiring fan art and a new cult of dino lovers.Happily, Rodsavas is planning to expand Jurassic Heart into a full game with another four dinosaur love interests.You go to an amusement park with Tatsumi, Watari and Hisoka.