Updating 1970s ranch house

08-Sep-2020 08:04

No stairs to climb or floors and ceilings to separate you from the goings-on.Just because they are only a single story tall doesn’t mean ramblers feel cramped or squatty inside. Ceilings tend to be high and vaulted, making the entire inside feel fresh and airy.

The golden years of the TV show And that's even before This Old House jumped the shark and started renovating actual museum-pieces that have no bearing on reality.

Any new building work must comply with the Building Code and may involve consideration of compliance with current Resource Management Act constraints for side yards and site coverage.

Where existing load bearing walls are removed, the basement is excavated or another floor is added, a specific engineering design may be required.

They’re selling it now and moving on, so let’s take a look at its transformation!

This is one of those tricky 1970s contemporary styles that can be a challenge to update.They were typically small and plain, rectangular or L-shaped, comprising of three good sized bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, one bathroom with separate toilet and laundry, an open plan kitchen/living room and a separate living room.Metal roofs, aluminium joinery, timber cladding and concrete floor slabs were commonly used.These homes have recently become “en vogue” after a several-decade hiatus.