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11-May-2020 02:41

The verifier establishes that a software product faithfully implements all the requirements documented in a software requirements specification (SRS).

In contrast the validator establishes that the SRS is a true reflection of the user's needs.

As project manager, I realize getting to this point in the project is a significant milestone. Many times they are lumped together as "V&V" as kind of one thing or phase.

The terms ‘Verification‘ and ‘Validation‘ are frequently used in the software testing world but the meaning of these terms are mostly vague and debatable.

According to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) we can also define validation as The process of evaluating software during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements. A product can pass while verification, as it is done on the paper and no running or functional application is required.

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The validator therefore establishes that the specifications correctly describe a system that is fit for its intended purpose - will the Wright Flier actually fly?Validation is the process of evaluating the final product to check whether the software meets the business needs.When your medical device product development project gets to Design Verification and Design Validation, do you feel like it's almost there?This may happen because when a product or application is build as per the specification but these specifications are not up to the mark hence they fail to address the user requirements.