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Mostly there are wild terrains – jungles, forests or similar non-urban areas.But in special episodes, like that in Shipyard Gdynia, there are industry areas located in cities.Wearing his wolf costume at the time, Max not only runs away physically, but runs toward a world in his imagination.This world, an ocean away, is inhabited by large wild beasts, including one named Carol who is much like Max himself in temperament.Grylls also tells about successful and failed survivals in the particular area which he is in. Before each show the crew does about a week of reconnaissance, followed by Grylls doing a flyover of the terrain.The winding pathway that leads to Scandinave Spa feels like the entrance to a fairytale.

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Max - following an incident with Claire (his sister) and her friends, and following a tantrum which he throws as a result of his Mother paying more attention to her boyfriend than to him - runs away from home.

We use acoustic emission measurements in crystals with different symmetries to show that intermittent and continuous visions of plastic flow are not incompatible.

We demonstrate the existence of crossover regimes where strongly intermittent events coexist with a Gaussian quasiequilibrium background and propose a simple theoretical framework compatible with these observations.

When her father Gerry (Aidan Quinn) arrives on the scene, he announces that he is sending her to a boarding school in England.

Arriving at the school, Abbey Mount, Poppy meets the headmistress Mrs.Macroscopic crystal plasticity is classically viewed as an outcome of uncorrelated dislocation motions producing Gaussian fluctuations.An apparently conflicting picture emerged in recent years emphasizing highly correlated dislocation dynamics characterized by power-law distributed fluctuations.Jonze had to resort to shooting the two separately.