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18-Jun-2020 08:17

With the change in legislation many smart home owners who were previously hesitant about building a granny flat due to the short term needs are now taking positive steps knowing the space can be used as additional income once its initial use is fulfilled.

Alternatively let mum or dad sell their home to fund a classic granny flat in your back yard so they can enjoy independence while gaining your assistance and support as age or health issues catch up with them as well as giving them additional funds to enjoy their retirement.

It is clear that the owners are constantly making material improvements to the property and I can see it graduating to become a 'boutique resort' and a good one (which ... because I will probably be priced out of the market I will regret !!

) I can strongly recommend the Inn for anyone looking for peace and quiet combined with easy access to the beaches and wineries of the South West of W.

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Dystonia may be genetic or caused by factors such as physical trauma, exposure to certain medications, or other neurological conditions.