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Kevin Mc Kidd: Every cast member has a moment like that! Also, during my run there, I was in tears at the table read when Cristina had to tell Owen that she didn't want a baby. That scene made me cry because I was watching that going, "That's so wrong! I'm embarrassed for you, which is me, which is you, which is bad!

Scott Foley (Henry Burton): If you go way back when Denny died, it broke my heart. Jerrika Hinton: The episode last season where Stephanie chews out Jackson in the bar.

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"I still like to make crank calls," she says with a wicked grin, and then recounts the good old days back before caller ID when she and a pal would order random pizza deliveries and dial their teen crushes repeatedly and hang up. The sexy actress, who plays taut, love-addled neonatal surgeon Addison Forbes Montgomery on the hit series Private Practice, is quicker to critique herself — "Look! So it's easy to find yourself cheering for her successes, like the fact that her small role on Grey's Anatomy in 2005 soon led to her own spin-off, now in its second season. "We explore the history of Addison and Derek, and they get this sort of closure. We yell and scream and are lots of fun at a dinner party. We moved a lot, and I made friends wherever I went. There was a time in seventh grade when I would do anything on a dare. I would pad around the house in those and drink tea. I wish I could say I would trip the light fantastic, but no. I have friends over, and it always ends up devolving into playing games. Girls' night is usually some dinner and wine at my house. A few weeks back, I was holding this little baby, and I was like, This is so great. We live in a culture where women are expected to do a lot, and it's really tough on our bodies. A massage or acupuncture or regular exercise is so important. No, seriously, humor is really comforting, disarming in a good way. We still see each other, and it's always great to go back because they are like family. I make a decision and then wonder if I made the wrong choice.

She began as a model in Japan in the 1980s where she also taught English.

Later she moved to Chicago and worked with the Piven Theatre Workshop.

For Walsh, the character and writing is what drives her to join a certain show — not just if it's a comedy or drama.

"That's how it was with me with [Grey's and Private Practice creator] Shonda [Rhimes]. No, that was when I found out."Did you take a prop home from Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice?

The silver lining to this, however, is that I have a wonderful family and a great group of friends who really showed their support and encouragement, and for that I am truly grateful."Clearly, Kate isn't one to let a setback define her. Maybe because I was the youngest of five, it's like, "You're not so special." I think I have that humility, even though I work in a system that — I may get in trouble for saying this — it's like a high-end mental ward. It's a testament not only to her vigorous interest in the world but also to the serious gravitational pull she exerts on anyone who comes into her orbit."Paul Adelstein, Private Practice costar"Kate is hysterically funny, and most people don't know that about her.