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28-May-2020 21:18

One gigabyte of RAM might have been enough for Windows 10 - and Windows 7 and Windows 8 - but the upcoming Windows Anniversary Update is set to change that.

According to Microsoft documentation, the 32-bit Windows Anniversary Update will bump the minimum RAM requirement from the current 1GB to 2GB of RAM.

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The RAM requirement for 64-bit systems remains the same, at 2GB.

All other minimum system requirements remain unchanged: Is this RAM bump going to be a problem?

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Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.Well, If you bought a new PC in the past couple of years or so, probably not, but for older systems that have been upgraded to Windows 10 (especially those of a Windows 7 vintage), then the Windows Anniversary Update will be the end of the line for those who skimped on RAM.Fortunately, upgrading the RAM in most systems is cheap, quick, and simple (unless we're talking about tablets, in which case, it is the end of the road), and will significantly improve system performance.-- Manually ran Windows Update -- Used Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant - disconnected all non-essential peripherals [web cam, all-in-one printer, phone], shut off anti-virus [Norton Security], disconnected my LAN after download was complete --Tried Media Creation Tool --Tried Media Creation Tool by using a USB Flash Drive ALL resulted in same: --Download & installation seem to go smoothly, no hangs, no errors --Lock Screen Appears --I Log In to Microsoft Account [NOTE: PIN does not work, even though that was the method I had been using; I am forced to use Password, even though the PIN option is still showing] -- Windows goes through its multi-colored pages of "Hi," "Let's Start, etc." --After that, the Window goes to black ... I got in to Windows on the desktop, Start was there, my apps were there.